Micro Electric Corporation


ALGAWF TRADING & SERVICES Co. Ltd. is an Authorised Dealers for Micro Electric Corporation - USA

Micro Electric Corporation a leading name in the powergen business for all power generation needs with range of 50-50,000 KW in single or multiple units in synchronising mode, power by diesel engines & industrial gas turbine. MEC has made a unique position for itself with its commitment to quality and complete customer satisfaction for its entire spectrum of power generation products, engineering services and solutions.

Micro Electric Corporatio has provided world class products and services to its customers around the world.

MEC offers a complete portfolio of products and specialized services:
• Sale of Power Generation Equipments
• Sale of Electrical Power (MWH)
• Sale of Cogeneration Equipment
• EPC and Turnkey Solution
• Technical Support
• Operation and Maintenance (O&M) contracts
• Plant Services

Micro Electric Corporatio develop commercialized and customer specific power generation modules with multiple fuel option.

Micro Electric Corporatio is equipped with experts of gas turbines, renewable energy and power engineering technologist and is professionally managed by power business management experts. With combined experience of more than 40 years in design, development and deployment of medium and small-scale power generation projects, we can make your power ends meet.

Al-Gawf offers Diesel and Gas Generators from 100KVA to 10,000KVA on rental bases and will provide operation and maintenance services.

Micro Electric Corporation - USA
MEC Packages and Supplies Power Generator from 100 KWH to medium scale power plants up to 25 MW for a wide variety of applications and industries. MEC provide complete Turnkey solutions, from planning to commissioning and maintenance services for power plants.
MEC is committed to ensure total customers satisfaction. Their Expertise is in providing clients with effective, efficient and flexible temporary power solutions, which help customers, manage unforeseen interruptions to their power supply during emergencies, natural disasters or special events.

When you chose MEC for your electrical power needs, you know you have the power of total support that includes a diverse range of quality products backed by technical expertise and full service solutions. Our generator set offers, long life before overhaul, providing built-in durability.

MEC Generator set provides:
• Prime power for an electrical utility.
• Combined heat and power for a paper mill of food plant.
• Critical standby power for a hospital or data centre
• Stand by power for industries
• Emergency power for recovery from a hurricane.

Our products in the mini gas turbine segment, with a range of 100 – 800 KW are manufactured and supplied under an exclusive strategic partnership with Douglas Machines USA. In the Industrial gas turbines we cater refurbished industrial gas turbine of Rolls Royse, GE, Euro, Solar and similar makes, in products range of 1-25 MWH.