Products & Services


Our Products:

  1. Bosch Automobile parts.
  2. Diesel and Gas Generators from 10Kva to 10,000 Kva.
  3. Electrical Equipments like, cables, transformers, switchgears, electrical panels, etc.
  4. Separators for power plants, food industries and water industries, separators for purification of diesel oil, lubricating oil applicable for diesel, HFO, steam and Gas Turbine power plants.
  5. Supply of Generators on rental basis.
  6. Supply of mechanical equipments like, workshop machinery, construction equipment, vehicles and mining equipment.
  7. Supply of spare parts for all brand of generators.

Our Services:

  1. Algawf have cooperation with the following companies for supply genuine spare parts:
  2. Algawf can provide operation and maintenance of power plants to our customers as complete solution.