Data center power solution

You provide your customers with a 99.999% uptime guarantee, standard in the industry. Your company may also be supporting multi-tenancy computing, co-location and facilitating new platforms around cloud computing and virtualization. These platforms have new power requirements. Average power consumption at the rack is going up and more power needs to be available to support growth and backup/emergency power supplies.PRAMAC responds to these challenges with genset systems that deliver the best available technology with massive kWs and a support network offering industry-leading expertise, improving performance and efficiency in data center management and operations.Been There, Done That.   

end to end solution

Continuous power is used for applications where there is no utility power and the generator set is relied upon to supply a constant load for an unlimited number of hours annually such as remote power stations or co-location facilities.Onsite power.

integrated solution

The need to keep data records and information safe should always be a logical investment; that is why the backup powerprotection is one of the key factors required for data centers should there be unexpected outages due to the inclement weather.

intelligent solution

PRAMAC provides a range of power solutions, most of them designed in canopy version to allow easier maintenance and to resist in critical environments; our customized generators are engineered for running in parallel; special colors are provided to minimize the overall architectural impact.